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Ultra high performance power line filters (UHP5)

Type UHP5 power line filters for shielded cabinets
(Frequency range of 14KHz till 40 GHz, attenuation of 100dB)

Ultra high performance power line filter
Picture of a UHP5-2020 power line filter

The Ultra high performance power line filter type 5 is a superior filter housed in a three compartment casing that achieves 100 dB insertion transmission loss at 14 kHz till 40 GHz.

The circuit is designed as a symmetrical double- circuit with high quality rod cores providing inductanace. These cores do not saturate due to their large air gap and they are insensitive to asymmetrical load.

This serie of power line filters is specially designed for well grounded shielded cabinet with rated voltage of 250VAC/50Hz. It is compact and in compliance with Class B and C standards for shielded cabinet. The UHP5-2020 is particulary suitibel to be used on MRI rooms.

This series is only offered as a two line filter (phase and neutral). The neutral line is always attenuated and all conductors are decoupled from each other. This allows the conductors to operate independently without attenuation loss.


  • High attenuation level for lower frequencies;
  • Suitable for use under extreme conditions (military applications)
  • Wear resistant;
  • Insensitive for corrosion;


  • Shielded rooms
  • Shielded chambers
  • Anechoic chmabers
  • Military applications


Partnumbers UHP5 serie

Type Rated current (A) Leakage current
per line (A)
Typical insertion loss (dB)
per MIL-STD-220A
2 x 3 0.7 100dB, 14KHz-40GHz
UHP5-2016 2 x 16 0.7 100dB, 14KHz-40GHz
(Low leakage)

2 x 16 0.005 100dB, 150KHz-40GHz
UHP5-2032 2 x 32 0.5 100dB, 100KHz-40GHz
2 x 20 0.03 100dB, 150KHz-40GHz
* Supposed the neutral to earth is 0V

Rated line voltage

Rated Line Voltage
Rate Line Voltage Vr for two-line filters 250V line-line / line-case
Rated current IR See characteristics Referred to +40°C ambient temperature
Rated frequency fR 50/60Hz  
Test voltage 1000Vdc/2s line-line
1000Vdc/2s line-case
Voltage drop/phase ΔV of VR at 50Hz and IR -
Leakage current Leakage See characteristics at 440V/250V and 50Hz
Climatic category 25/070/21  


Shielding performance UHP5 filters per MIL-STD-220A

Frequency Field Insertion loss (dB)
14 KHz H 100
100 KHz H 100
1 MHz H 100
1 MHz E 100
10 MHz E 100
100 MHz E 100
400 MHz P 100
1 GHz P 100
10 GHz P 100
40 Ghz P 100

Dimensional drawing (mm)

Technical drawing Ultra high performace power line filter

Dimensional drawing UHP5-2016-2 (Low leakage)(mm)

Technical drawing Ultra high performace power line filter

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